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You’ll have time until Friday, June 28th, to reserve your KSAT Secret Issue copy. The publication, as you know, is printed in limited edition, only 100 copies will be available. That is a good occasion to check out offers online. You’ll have the possibility to add to your reservation KSAT’s previous issues (issue n°5, n°4 and n°3) plus additional artistic material and some reductions at this weekend launch event that will be held at Maison du Portugal in Paris, starting from 4 pm till late night.

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Lors de la préparation du précédent KSAT#5, j’ai eu l’occasion de rencontrer A2, un merveilleux groupe de danseurs frère et soeur, Alice et Adrien Martins , A + A = A2

Claire me les avait présentés et j’étais allée les voir au point FMR auparavant avec Mia et Lina de KSAT Suède quand elles étaient à Paris.

Quand on s’est rencontrées on a tout de suite accrochées puis on s’est retrouvées plus tard pour tomber en amitié comme on tombe en amour.

A + A = A1 dans une compagnie de danse à Barcelone + A2 en architecture à Paris. Alice est une danseuse à la recherche permanente d’une conscience entre le mouvement, l’espace et l’architecture. Elle a depuis rejoins KSAT et s’investit de façon régulière pour renouveler le format créatif.

Dimanche dernier nous nous sommes assises quelques minutes pour gribouiller sur un papier un rapide portrait d’elle.

Ne loupez pas Alice à l’événement secret KSAT#6 Camp#1 secret de ce week end à Paris!

While preparing the previous KSAT#5, I had the opportunity to meet A2, a marvellous combination of a brother and a sister that are dansors, Alice and Adrien, A+A=A2

Claire introduced me to them and I went to see them at the point FMR with Mia and Lina from KSAT Sweden when they were in Paris.

When we met we immediately clicked and later on we fell in friendship together like you can fall in love.

A+A= A1 in a dance compagnie in Barcelona + A2 in architecture in Paris. Alice is a dansor who’s constantly seeking for selfconcious space, movement and architecture. Since then she joined the KSAT team and gets involved regularly to take part of the renewal of the creative format.

Last sunday we sat down a few minutes to doodle on a paper a quick portrait of her.

Questions :

- 3 steps of dance

- Where do you go to dream?

- Who were you?

- Who are you?

- Who will you become?

- Design 3 shoes to : dance, go out, eat

- A small love note?

Don’t miss Alice at the KSAT#6 Camp#1 secret event this week end in Paris.

Plus d’Alice Martins online

Event: Offprint Paris

An annual not-to-miss event for emerging art press and printed image lovers. This time Paris Offprint Festival was hosted by l’Ecole des Beaux Arts. Previous events took place at Le Bal et à l’Espace Kiron in Paris. Numerous publishers met up in the big and charming hall of Beaux Arts to exhibit to the public their realizations. A full overview of various practices is offered; from the traditional art catalogues to independent and self published issues, from collective publishing book to institutional publications. Saturday, November 17th, a series of lectures were organized about « art publishing » with speakers from different backgrounds and countries. Most of them being artists and others theorists. In a chronological order of appearance: Rafael Rozendaal (brazilian-dutch interactive web artist), Richard Kostelanetz (american author and critic), Alberto de Michele (italian artist and curator), Paul Armand Gette (french photographer, sculpor, director and writer), Lorenzo de Rita (italian inventor).

Here below you can have a glimpse on how the Beaux Arts Pavilion organised the setting of  the event.

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We proudly present to you our latest release and we invite you to take a look inside. KSAT#5′s main theme is « Vision of the future », waiting for the digital version if you want to own your own numbered copy of the magazine please write to