Project : Begane Grond

Sue van Geijn collaborated to KSAT#5 and we were so happy to hear about her newly born artistic project Begane Grond last September. We wanted to know more about it, also because it’s interesting to spread it to the KSAT audience.

What is Begane Grond ?
For non-dutch speakers it basically means « ground floor ».
The collective is a collaboration between Nora van der Steeg – art director, Lisa Thissen – Graphic Designer and Sue van Geijn – Fine Artist.
The aim of the project is to promote and develop interdisciplinary projects by artists.
How do they do it?
The project starts as a sort of game. Students willing to participate will receive a toolbox, where they’ll find a couple of objects coming from everyday life and not necessarly dealing one with the other.
The student has to use the objects, but is free to choose whatever he likes to do with it.
Artists will have 6 weeks to develop an artistic project and during that time Begane Grond will visit them for a little chat/interview to document their work.
The results of those visits will be firsly made public on their Facebook page.
The project outcome will see the light in occasion of an exhibition at the Depot BG in Amsterdam on December 14th, where all the documentation of artist’s work will be shown as a visual presentation.
For the moment the Open Call is open only to dutch students who are in the 3rd an 4th year of their art studies from those listed courses:
photography, illustration, graphic design, film, fashion and fine arts.
You would like to participate?
Then dutchies, it’s really easy!
Just send a selection of your work and a short motivation to
and you will hear from them as soon as possible!
For more informations about Sue’s artistic works you can check out her website:
This is the folding robot Sue made for KSAT#5 « Visions of the future »!
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