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Two weeks ago Yasmine and me attended a really interesting weekend-long festival that took place at the Médiathèque Marguerite Duras à Paris. Focusing on independent edition, it showed of a bunch of international fanzines developing proudly their DIY practice. We chatted with some of the makers and discovered very different paths they decided to take to make their artistic project materialized on paper. Sometimes the producers of the magazine are also artists, so their zines are like little art pieces, printed in limited series and aesthetically looking like masterpieces of handcraft. Some producers are focused on comics, others on traditional illustration. Then some of them developed personal projects as a sort of little artistic portfolio of their practice.

We had fun with Crudités Magazine, who interviewed me about a randomly picked topic (Soundcloud). Obviously… we didn’t resist the temptation of buying something. We didn’t really come back home with empty bags!

We also noticed the great work of Les machines and one of their creation « Le Héron » by Dan Selig.

Long live DIY zines!

Here is an overview of the materials we collected/bought during the event. It was really nice to se how everyone developed different and so interesting practices, starting their artistic pieces from novels, from music, or simply graphical patterns.

Below you can see the exhibitors’ space, everyone was presenting their creations and projects on a week end of practice. So much material, so much creativity!

The fair showed not only magazines but also art pieces, like serigraphies and prints, produced as a complement to zines or independently.

A view of the exhibition’s space. The Festival collected numerous zines,  forming a real historiography of fanzine art, where you can surf through different ages, style and topics. The collection is open to public all year long and can be consulted on site.

Fanzines! Salon 2012

To know more about Fanzine! Salon and the past editions of the festival click here

The event has been produced by Papier Gaché

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