KSAT in Rotterdam : Rebellion in the youth / Workshop

Closing drinks and outcome of the week


We had a very productive week in Rotterdam. We finished saturday evening with some drinks and the celebration of Martina’s birthday.

We met some amazing artists that we will present you better in the following weeks.

Time to leave and go back home

Conclusion of the workshop written on the way back to Paris. Working night-time kept awake by the enthusiasm !


The three goals that we wanted to reach were :

-       settling on a common direction on how to approach the theme

-       agreeing on a common frame for the collaborative artwork that is the book

-       thinking about the exhibition space and settling on how we are going to arrange it

Here is the summary of the outcome of these goals :


-       We decided that we could work on 2 main points :

  • Developping the idea of a rebellion without a cause

  • Changing the cliché face of the Rebel (from bearded guy to shaved guy, change of weapons : no more guns and more internet etc…)

-       We decided to mix the book and the bag and make a bookag.

-       The exhibition plan is still a bit foggy but in development.


See you soon Rotterdam

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