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Starting now it will be spread between October 2013 and September 2014

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There exists, perhaps instinctually, seemingly directionless adolescent rebellion against authority. On the other hand, there is the impassioned fighting of young adults seeking a better world. There are the small everyday fights: the silent ones, the loud ones.  Some are fuelled by irrational anger; some are lead with idealist motives and beliefs. Observing the rebellions and revolutions of the youth in far away foreign countries, we wondered if the younger generations of the west are also envisioning a better world, or if we are satisfied and complacent with the way things currently are.

The concept of a rebellion with no cause has been associated with disillusioned and frustrated youth, who are unable to identify the source of their restlessness and consequently disperse their aggression with no constructive intentions. But is this aimless rebellion genuinely without a cause?
We began to wonder, what are the youth in our own social situations rebelling against? Are unified aims, and thus focussed actions a possibility? Where is our rebellious energy channelled?

With all these questions on our minds, Martina Margini and I decided to gather a group of internationally sourced artists for a workshop in Rotterdam to discuss this topic, and to respond in a series of artworks. I would gather the thoughts into a publication format and Martina would curate the actual pieces into an exhibition.

We spent 5 days together in a preparatory workshop at Post Office, discussing and questioning together, before separating to work on our individual tasks for two months. At some point during the workshop we reached the following conclusion:
Initially, there’s one person, an individual, who has the impetus to rebel against ‘the norm’.
This individual gathers a group who share the same beliefs. United, they start a rebellion. With time, momentum and organisation this rebellion can become a revolution.
Potentially the revolution succeeds in dismantling ‘the norm’, in which case it looses its status as an opposing force, and transforms into a new version of ‘the norm’, which in turn will be rebelled against.
Rebelling might never disappear, only the causes may change.
In the exhibition, completed by the following pages we have shared our thoughts and investigations, in the hope that this discussion will be continued.




Meeting in Formshoen in Hamburg. We presented our projects for this part, debated, met german artists. The publication is in the making.



Yasmine Tashk

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