Malmö's backstages

Malmö’s backstage

We're in Malmö!!!

Malmö’s set up

Preparing for KSAT – Sweden

Preparing for KSAT – Sweden

Time has come for part three of the Rebellion issue. With the sub-theme ‘Mental Disorder’,  KSAT is arrannged for the first time in Sweden, in Malmö.

In Malmö a collaborative installation will take place under the name ‘Atlas of the least obvious’

1 Week to go and here are the artists participating:
Carl Larsson, Carolin Hansson, Cisse Bomholt, Elisabeth Gellein, Erik Lagerwall, Erika Östman, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Magnus Caverius, Margrete Bjone Engelien, Mia Frykholm, Nawel Oulad, Oscar Glemme, Thibault Pomares, Yasmine Tashk 

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We’re looking forward to some amazing days out on the field. Please come join us!

Love from Team KSAT-Sweden; Mia, Magnus, Carl

Ksénia rehearsal


Yesterday was a nice working day for KSAT Team and some artists. We arrived to the Maison du Portugal in the early afternoon and begin to install some of the amazing works you’ll have the chance to see starting from this weekend. Save the date and be there : June 29th starting from 4 pm till 2 am > KSAT The Secret Issue Release Party + Exhibition!

Here below some pictures of Pétronille Leroux, working on her QRcode space installation (made in collaboration with Théo Josserand); the secret installation material needed for Mike Latona & Olivier de Rop installation (a blast!) and Ksénia Lukyanova doing reharsal for her performance and monologue (scheduled for 6.30 pm on Saturday!)

Stay tuned ! More news to come!


BACKSTAGE: Kazuma and the noodle soup

Our friend Kazuma Eekman is currently in Japan for a school exchange at Zokei University. He’s originary from Rotterdam and previously participated at KSAT#3 « Mind Trips » and KSAT#5 « Visions of the future » with his really cool illustrations. He decided to keep collaborating with KSAT from Asia too. He sent us a little glimpse of his latest work, that you can check here below. His arworks and the ones of Horikoshi Kota are now on their way to Europe to be exposed on the next KSAT#6 launch exhibition at the Maison du Portugal in Paris. We love his work and we suggest you to come on June 29th to see its piece and to discover lots of other interesting artists!


Some pictures from Kazuma’s Japan Atelier and his work in progress for KSAT

Backstage : Artists visit the venue for KSATCamp#1


Last Monday Marty and I introduced the first secret location to all the artists of KSATCamp#1. We all met up and exchange crazy plans. We were all very enthusiastic. There was Melissa who was the first one to arrive, Helena and Autumn bumped into each other in front of the place.  Autumn had some trouble finding it, indeed, it’s not easy to find your way out there. Then Erminio arrived followed by the whole team of scenography, Marguerite, Regis and Cinzia. Alice made a fresh entrance as always and started to talk about her personal ghosts stories and it made Erminio laugh. Hélène arrived followed by Kaheena then Giacomo and Yasmin (yes we met a new Yasmin(e)). This is the whole team briefly introduced to you here. These names might not be familiar to you yet but we are going to introduce them to you in the upcoming weeks. Be prepared for some great fun next December 15th!

Lundi dernier, Marty et moi avons présenté le premier endroit secret du premier KSATCamp aux artistes. Nous nous sommes tous rencontrés et on a échangé des plans ambitieux. Nous étions tous très enthousiastes. Il y avait Melissa qui est arrivée en premier, Helena et Autumn sont tombées l’une sur l’autre devant l’endroit. Autumn a eu quelques difficultés à trouver l’endroit, pas simple de guider les gens au bon endroit. Puis Erminio est arrivé suivi par toute l’équipe de scénographie, Marguerite, Regis et Cinzia. Alice, fraîche comme à son habitude, a fait son entrée et a raconté ses histoires personnelles de fantômes et ça a fait rire Erminio. Hélène est arrivée suivie de Kaheena puis Giacomo et Yasmin (oui nous avons rencontré une nouvelle Yasmin(e)). Voilà toute l’équipe brièvement présentée ici. Ces noms ne vous disent peut être encore rien mais nous allons vous les présenter dans les prochaines semaines. Soyez prêt pour du fun le 15 décembre prochain!