Behind the scenes / Build up KSAT#7 SHOW!

Behind the scenes / Build up KSAT#7 SHOW!

Days are hectic and exciting for KSAT TEAM and the artists. Everybody puts his magnificent effort to build up a remarkable exhibition and show. This is what happened in the last days at Post–Office, Rotterdam! A special thank you to Hans and Panos for the technical and emotional support.

Panos handyman of the year!

FiCreativo at work on their installation and their material hunt!

Thanks to Hans! And his electrician skills!

Our little Gabriella landed in Rotterdam last friday…

And already started to work on her installation

Julie testing her projection and patterns at Post Office…

Late night meeting in the cold Post Office-Siberia! Cheers!

Soon new updates!

KSAT#7 LAUNCH EVENT at Post--Office, Rotterdam

KSAT#7 LAUNCH EVENT at Post–Office, Rotterdam


KSAT is ready for the first LAUNCH EVENT of this 7th edition, the REBELLION cycle!

We’re landed in ROTTERDAM city, where a group of international artists gathered to work on the common theme of REBELLION. The first chapter is going to be host by beloved Post–Office, in Rotterdam.

All the artists are invited to create within the idea of « Rebellion in the youth » and they will present their works in a collective artpiece in the shape of a book and a personal installation.

KSAT#7 vol.1 14/11/13 (The Netherlands) is:
- a collective exhibition
- a presentation of KSAT project
- live performance and activities (such as live silk screening)
- a cosy place to heat up during wintertime with good sounds and good food
- a gathering for people interested in experimenting through arts, design, performance, music and video.
- the good occasion to get to know KSAT and apply for participating to the next activities of the project (abroad!)


KSAT IS: artbooks, handcraft made with love, paper experimentation, a transversal artistic experience, nice people, nice vibes and lots of fun.

- Gabriella Hirst :
– Kazuma Eekman :
– Marilou Klapwijk :
– Julie Thissen :
– Begane Grond Sue Van Geijn, Nora van der Steeg, Lisa Thissen) :
– Iris Schuttevaar :
– Sylvan Steenhuis :
– Martina Margini :
– Yasmine Tashk :

+ A MARVELLOUS SPACE INSTALLATION POWERED BY : FiCreativo (Micaela Nardella and Oana Tudose)

We’ll provide the art, the food and the drinks.

Mail us at :

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KSAT is fund by Youth in Action program :
Media partner :

Artist's Portrait : Kazuma Eekman

Artist’s Portrait : Kazuma Eekman

In a quite cold dutch night I visited KAZUMA EEKMAN apartment (and studio) in west Rotterdam. He lives with his friend Lizar and their house is full of little artpieces, tools, puppets, coloured posters and memories of past trips. We talked about fake dollars, zwarte piet and dutch maccaroni. Kazuma joined KSAT project in 2010, for its 3rd edition about « Mind Trips » and he never left us after that. He’s half dutch and half japanese. You’ll see him in december again, participating to KSAT 7th issue exhibition, in Post Office, Rotterdam.

Filmed by Martina Margini
Rotterdam, November 2013

Music Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway

Ksénia rehearsal


Yesterday was a nice working day for KSAT Team and some artists. We arrived to the Maison du Portugal in the early afternoon and begin to install some of the amazing works you’ll have the chance to see starting from this weekend. Save the date and be there : June 29th starting from 4 pm till 2 am > KSAT The Secret Issue Release Party + Exhibition!

Here below some pictures of Pétronille Leroux, working on her QRcode space installation (made in collaboration with Théo Josserand); the secret installation material needed for Mike Latona & Olivier de Rop installation (a blast!) and Ksénia Lukyanova doing reharsal for her performance and monologue (scheduled for 6.30 pm on Saturday!)

Stay tuned ! More news to come!



[vimeo width="600" height="365" video_id="68366578"]

On June 29th, 2013, KSAT’s artists will come together for KSAT « The Secret Issue » release event. From December 2012 to April 2013 the artists worked on the theme of secret in aim to give their own interpretation to this fascinating topic. The results of these researches will be collected in a limited edition publication that will be sell in occasion of the release event. On the lenght of one day the Maison du Portugal (Cité Universitaire) in Paris will be invaded by art, performances, installations, exhibitions and live music. See you there!

The exhibition will run from June 29th to July 14th!
More info about the program soon online on


Confirmed artists:

Soufiane Ababri
Autumn Ahn
Cécile Chaput
Kazuma Eekman
Holly Featherstone
Martina Ferrera
Alice Forge
Jonathan Foussadier
Nada Diane Fridi
Sue van Geijn
Tamah Grinski
Hélène Gruenais
Kota Hirikoshi
Seewon Jung
Karine Kraemer
Nicole Kiersz
Marilou Klapwijk
Mike Latona
Gustav Lejelind
Pétronille Leroux
Ksenia Lukyanova
Martina Margini
Alice et Adrien Martins
Dana Muskat
Neue Grafik
Ryan Peltier
Yasmine Tashk
Jean Thevenin
William James Thurman
Yasmin Yrondi

(more to come!)

Five years old at Palais de Tokyo

I have recently started an internship at the culture department of the Danish Embassy in Paris. I enjoy this a lot, as I have always enjoyed art and literature, but it also stresses me out a bit. There are too many people and artists that I am supposed to know about, or at least to have heard about,  and my namedropping skills remain at zero. It was therefore, feeling the need to be updated on cultural knowhow and general artistic coolness, that I went to the Palais de Tokyo opening with my very best intentions of being observant and critical. Lets just say that my plan didn’t pan out excactly the way I had envisioned it…

After a little wait in the rain, my friend and I, who had come directly from work, were let into an already bubbling atmosphere of people, smalltalk and smiles everywhere. Everybody seemed genuinly excited to be there and to experience Soleil Froid, Palais de Tokyo’s newest exhibition. Although I was thrown off for a minute by the excessive amount of beautiful, welldressed people, and the mounting wish for an afterwork beer, we quickly went downstairs and started moving our way through the underground labyrinth that is the lower floor of Palais de Tokyo. The place was crowded, but not in a bad way, and we enjoyed the very diverse pieces. We even found a piece by a danish artist, of a talking depressed fox in a mirror telling the story of the worlds demise, and I took a mental note and a phonephoto, to show to the good people at the embassy. The idea was, that maybe, in the realm of danish culture, I could get to come back during worktime and study it a bit closer. It never happened, but in the moment I felt at the epitomy of my cultural journey.

A little while later, we worked our way out of the downstairs labyrinth and into the arms of a cold beer on the first floor. We stood for a while and observed the people, until we noticed a corner covered with mirrors that seemed to be the entrance to something. Having recalled, that earlier, there used to be more exhibitions back in that corner, we made our way, past beautiful girls and boys in colorful clothes, until we were in front of the glimmering entrance. And that is when all seriousness, if there was any to begin with, evaporated. We found ourself in a hall of mirrors, as the ones you know from your childhood, and instantly we became five years old. We walked around, amazed like babies, looking at our own images reflected all over.

On the other side of the mirrored hall, the game of lights and mirrors continued as we, mesmerized by tiny pieces of mirrors, several light installations and a lit labyrinth of cloth, walked through what felt like several rooms of light and shadow. The excitement would have no end and everyone, old ladies as well as perky young hipsters, seemed enthralled in the same feeling of light and lightness. Of uncomplicated beauty and whimsicalness.

We felt happy and serene as we crossed the corridor and entered, what we assumed to be, the front hall that we came from. But we had misjudged the size of the museum and instead we found ourselves in the exact opposite of where we came from. We entered a big room and were immediately overwhelmed by the noise of what seemed to be a hundred schoolchildren. But instead of schoolchildren, what we saw were our fellow museumguests. Running around, stomping and throwing with things. In what can only be described as a big circus. We shrugged and joined the games. I took pictures as my friend happily stomped around on a noisemaker disguised as an installation, and we tried out several viewdistorting sunglasses.  After a little while we quickly tired of the noise, and with tired eyes and excitement in our bodies, we returned to the dark, quiet coolness of the parisian evening. The last part of our journey had washed out any desire I had to be pseudointellectual, or even to retain the name of a single artist.

I went home with a smile on my face and a photo of a talking fox on my phone.  I will come back another time to see the rest of the pieces once more, but for this evening, I had a wonderfull time just being five years old again.

Soleil Froid is an exhibition taking place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris from February 27th to May 20th, 2013

Installation vidéo "iā" par Mélissa Boucher

KSAT CAMP#1 – Les murs murmurent / Speaking walls


Le 15 décembre 2012 a eu lieu le premier KSAT Camp du cycle des secrets : Les murs murmurent // Speaking walls.

Les visiteurs étaient invités à s’inscrire sur la liste d’invités pour l’un des quatre horaires proposés afin d’assister au happening. Il leur était donné rendez vous. Arrivés, ils sont accueillis par l’équipe de KSAT qui leur distribue un programme. De l’autre côté de la rue, dans l’ancienne maison de l’éclusier du canal de l’Ourcq, on observe une apparition à la fenêtre. Alice Martins commence sa performance. Elle vient ensuite chercher les visiteurs à l’extérieur et les guident vers la maison. A l’intérieur, on pénètre dans un univers investi par les artistes. Une jeune danseuse habite les lieux et guide les visiteurs à travers toutes les projections et apparitions présentes dans les pièces pour finir dans celle du haut avec Giacomo Mercuriali au son/video. Le public aura ensuite le temps de découvrir les projections et installations par eux mêmes tout en discutant autour d’un verre avant que le prochain tour commence.

December 15th, 2012, the first KSAT Camp of the « Secret » cycle started : Les murs murmurent // Speaking walls.

The visitors were invited to subscribe to a guest list for one of the 4 possible timing of the tour that we offered to attend to the happening. They had an appointment. When arrived, they were welcomed by a member of the KSAT team who were distributing the program. On the other side of the road, in the former house of the lock keeper of the Ourcq canal in Paris, we can see an apparition by the window. Alice Martins starts her performance. She comes outside to pick up the visitors and guide them into the house. Inside, we enter in a universe reappropriated by the artists. A young dancer lives in the house and guides the audience through all the art installations and video projections through the house to end up on the top room with Giacomo Mercuriali doing the music/video. The public will then have some time to discover the art on their own while enjoying a drink and a tchat before the next round starts.

Programme :

Voici toutes les photos de l’événement / Here below all the pictures of the event:

yasmin diary4

Realities went wrong – Yasmin Yrondi

During KSAT CAMP’s Making of I asked Yasmin, a freshman of KSAT team, to present herself through an object she cherishes. She decided to share with me her diary, a sort of logbook of creative inspiration she finds in and around.

Yasmin’s diary is a receptacle of intimate personal anecdotes, a collage of pieces coming from distant realities, fragments of fictional and real stories mashed up in a visual appealing assemblage to re-create new hybrid tales.

« Mal Secreto » is a song by Gal Costa that talks about secret grief, those hurting feelings that we try to hide from the outside world but that destroy us in the inside. The song explains how we try to be relieved from this pain, the eternal agony or the malaise de l’âme that binds us tight…


She try to define her character and temperament through words: « I am an excessive person. I might give the impression of being dramatic and unbearable. Normally it is not like that. In any case I think that those elements arise somehow in my art practice, showing off this necessity to express the excesses through drama and it becomes ironic at some point…

(…) I place the characters of my stories in isolated worlds where reality is pushed to extremes, space is not precisely defined and time is stretched to its infinite lenght. I try to make this malaise emerge from those pictures, to point out that where everything seems to work well, eventually it’s not… »

Yasmin is a long time collector of photobooth pictures. She gather known and unknown identities like a meticoulous collector and give them a number but no names. What is their stories? Could we ever guess?

In recent times, Yasmin is focusing her work upon the study of identities, the self-conciousness and the unknown side of people’s appearance.

During KSAT CAMP#1 she decided to install her video projection « Télé-Réalité » into a toilet. Toilets are the renomate place where to find our little moments of intimacy meanwhile we fulfill our « private needs ». She hijacked the room’s function, deciding to project the video on the bathroom’s door. This reel shows people staring at us, as if they were watching through a tv screen, having fun.

Yasmin will soon show another video installation during a next KSAT CAMP event! Stay updated!

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Subscribe to our guest-list in order to participate at KSAT CAMP#1 on December 15th, 2012!!

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A big thank you to our partners: STREETPRESS + REVUE OSCILLATIONS

See you there!