Artist’s Portrait : Gabriella Hirst

KSAT Portrait : Gabriella Hirst from KSAT KSAT on Vimeo.

Gabriella Hirst is an Australian artist from Sydney. We met her while she was doing a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

She works with a large variety of medias. She is one of the artists that was selected to take part in the Rotterdam exhibition « Rebellion with no cause » that is going to take place at Post–Office on December 14th.

Here is a video that presents the work she has been developping during her residency in Paris.

You can check more of her art here.


Video by Martina Margini



Workshop day 3 : Questionning the book format


The day 3 of the workshop started with a KSAT Rebellion !

But then finally we arrived at Post — Office to start working

Catching up with brainstorming started right away

Then we had a relaxing break and got a friendly visit from a butterfly

Time for some graffiti !!

Remembering the neighorhood’s rules in a quick way

Then we started with some artbook experiments

Cake break

Here are some of the samples we came out with. We tried to cross the bag and the book format.


That’s it for today ! See you tomorrow!


Workshop day 1 : Rebellion in the youth

Time to find our way through the streets of Rotterdam. Surprisingly the weather is fantastic.

We arrive at Post Office super enthusiastic to get to work and start brainstorming ideas


Discussing our potential connection with the neighborhood we are in.

Interesting discussions and exchange.


Sylvan presents some of his ideas regarding his project Playful Revolution

Time to play !

Screening of La Haine

 Late brainstorming session

Time to go home and to experience dutch tall bikes.




First Workshop of the season at Post-Office in Rotterdam, Holland


Hello Hello !

We are back!
KSAT is a team of international artists. We gather around a theme in order to create a collective artwork in the shape of a book.
The new cycle of 2013-2014 will be about Rebellion.

What we are going to do :
We are going to brainstorm and exchange ideas about the book as an art form.
We are going to discuss about the theme we’re working on that is « Rebellion in the youth ».
We are going to think of an artbook that could be designed to fit the theme « Rebellion in the youth »

The KSAT team organizes « open workshop nights » and everyone that wants to bring input or participate or meet and have fun can join.

The whole group will be reunited again on December 13th-21st, to organise an exhibition and present the outcome of the project with artworks and the collective artbook.

Along the year the cycle will be divided in 3 parts :
- Rebellion in the youth : Holland between october and december
- Rebellion in society : Germany between January and march
- inner rebellion : Denmark between April and July

Each part will be independent in the content so that we will have 3 artbooks created collaboratively and presented along with the personal artworks at the end of the cycle.

In september 2014, all the 3 books and the artworks will be presented in Paris for an exhibition.

To have more information about attending or else don’t hesitate to email : contact@ksat.fr

Here are the participating artists :

- Gabriella Hirst : http://gabriellahirst.com/
- Kazuma Eekman : http://www.keekman.com/
- Marilou Klapwijk : http://www.ahappyfamily.nl/
- Roos Pollmann : http://roospollmann.nl/
- Lotte van Geijn : http://www.lottevangeijn.blogspot.nl/
- Begane Grond Sue Van Geijn, Nora van der Steeg, Lisa Thissen) : http://www.beganegrondcollectief.com/
- Iris Schuttevaar : http://cargocollective.com/Irisschuttevaar
- Sylvan Steenhuis : http://www.sylvansteenhuis.nl/
- Martina Margini : https://vimeo.com/martinamargini
- Thibault Pomares : http://latelelibre.fr/
- Yasmine Tashk : http://yayainthemoon.blogspot.fr/

The first workshop is going to start next week. You are more than welcome to join if you are in the netherlands or near. Otherwise we’ll be digitally connected and share the outcome and the backstage in here.



KSAT is a Youth in Action program : http://jeunesseenaction.fr/
Media partner : http://latelelibre.fr/


2013-09-19 12.13.48

VIDEO : KSAT#6 Release Party

KSAT#6 – The Secret Issue – Paris, France – 29/06/13 from KSAT KSAT on Vimeo.

Thanks to our friends that helps at the event and particularly to Nada and Jessica that did the catering.
Thanks to our partner http://www.latelelibre.fr that did the video and to the Maison du Portugal and the festival Parfum de Lisbonne.

Thanks to the performers at the event :  Neue Grafik  – Alice and Adrien Martins, Jean Thévenin, Dana Muskat – Ksenia Lukyanova – Gustav Lejelind -  Kirikoo Des / Raphaël Stora / Ndoho – Jonathan Foussadier -  Cécile Chaput .





It’s SUMMER kids! KSAT wishes you nice and adventourous vacations! We’re working already on the next amazing KSAT season on the theme of « REBELLION » starting in September 2013. We remind you that it is still possible to reserve and get your copy of KSAT The Secret Issue, by sending us an email > contact@ksat.fr ! Have fun howdys! See you later


C’est l’ETE les enfants! KSAT vous souhaite des excellentes et aventureuses vacances! On travaille déjà sur le prochain surprenant cycle sur le thème de « RÉBELLION », qui déboutera en Septembre 2013. On vous rappelle qu’il est encore possible réserver votre copie de KSAT The Secret Issue, envoyez nous un mail à contact@ksat.fr ! Amusez vous chou choux! A très vite


Ksénia rehearsal


Yesterday was a nice working day for KSAT Team and some artists. We arrived to the Maison du Portugal in the early afternoon and begin to install some of the amazing works you’ll have the chance to see starting from this weekend. Save the date and be there : June 29th starting from 4 pm till 2 am > KSAT The Secret Issue Release Party + Exhibition!

Here below some pictures of Pétronille Leroux, working on her QRcode space installation (made in collaboration with Théo Josserand); the secret installation material needed for Mike Latona & Olivier de Rop installation (a blast!) and Ksénia Lukyanova doing reharsal for her performance and monologue (scheduled for 6.30 pm on Saturday!)

Stay tuned ! More news to come!

site internet pre order

pre-order online your KSAT SECRET ISSUE COPY!

You’ll have time until Friday, June 28th, to reserve your KSAT Secret Issue copy. The publication, as you know, is printed in limited edition, only 100 copies will be available. That is a good occasion to check out offers online. You’ll have the possibility to add to your reservation KSAT’s previous issues (issue n°5, n°4 and n°3) plus additional artistic material and some reductions at this weekend launch event that will be held at Maison du Portugal in Paris, starting from 4 pm till late night.

You just have to check this website and make your choice, KSAT#6 will arrive directly to your home, binded by hand and with love by KSAT TEAM! > http://fr.ulule.com/ksat6/



[vimeo width="600" height="365" video_id="68366578"]

On June 29th, 2013, KSAT’s artists will come together for KSAT « The Secret Issue » release event. From December 2012 to April 2013 the artists worked on the theme of secret in aim to give their own interpretation to this fascinating topic. The results of these researches will be collected in a limited edition publication that will be sell in occasion of the release event. On the lenght of one day the Maison du Portugal (Cité Universitaire) in Paris will be invaded by art, performances, installations, exhibitions and live music. See you there!

The exhibition will run from June 29th to July 14th!
More info about the program soon online on ksat.fr


Confirmed artists:

Soufiane Ababri
Autumn Ahn
Cécile Chaput
Kazuma Eekman
Holly Featherstone
Martina Ferrera
Alice Forge
Jonathan Foussadier
Nada Diane Fridi
Sue van Geijn
Tamah Grinski
Hélène Gruenais
Kota Hirikoshi
Seewon Jung
Karine Kraemer
Nicole Kiersz
Marilou Klapwijk
Mike Latona
Gustav Lejelind
Pétronille Leroux
Ksenia Lukyanova
Martina Margini
Alice et Adrien Martins
Dana Muskat
Neue Grafik
Ryan Peltier
Yasmine Tashk
Jean Thevenin
William James Thurman
Yasmin Yrondi

(more to come!)


Lignes et Répétition – William James Thurman

Avant d’exposer ses lignes à la galerie parisCONCRET, William James Thurman nous en a dessinées quelques unes en exclusivité pour KSAT. J’ai profité du passage de William à Paris pour l’inviter à dessiner en live mercredi dernier au Marcovaldo.


Before his lines were exhibited at parisCONCRET Gallery, William James Thurman drew some, exclusively for KSAT. I took advantage of William’s visit in Paris to invite him to draw live at Marcovaldo last Wednesday.

WJT – ARCH – 005 – 004

William nous vient de Chicago où il étudie en ce moment le dessin à la School of the Art Institute. Son travail s’est pourtant déjà fait remarquer par la galerie parisConcret qui montrera ses travaux pour l’exposition « Line upon Line » jusqu’au 15 juin. Un titre qui ne peut pas mieux résumer l’essence des dessins de William. Des lignes simples, propres, se juxtaposent, superposent, se multiplient pour remplir la surface de la feuille et révéler une texture, un volume, une matière. Le geste est simple mais la rigueur de la répétition donne aux lignes de William une profondeur hypnotique.


William lives in Chicago where he’s currently studying at the School of the Art Institute. His work could be seen at the Gallery parisConcret that will exhibit his productionsin occasion of the exhibition “Line upon Line” open until the June 15th. This title fits perfectly William’s drawings essence. Simple and clean lines, placed side by side, one on top of the other, they multiply to fulfill the surface of the page and reveal their texture, their volume, their materiality. The gesture is simple but its strict repetition gives to William’s lines an hypnotic depht.

Ford Model T – preparatory work- 47

Le dernier « Marcoledi » était l’occasion rêvée pour voir ces lignes devenir surface abstraite et mouvante. Le temps d’un apéritif au Marcovaldo, tous les mercredis j’invite un artiste à dessiner en live pour compléter la soirée initiée par Sommacco. Chaque « Marcoledi » se compose d’un texte par les auteurs de Sommacco, un aperitivo bio élaboré par le Marcovaldo, et des dessins réalisés en live par un artiste invité, sous l’étiquette KSAT.


Last “Marcoledi” was a great opportunity to see these lines become an abstract and moving surface. During the time of an aperitivo at Marcovaldo, every Wednesdays I invite an artist to draw live, completing the event launched by SommaccoEvery “Marcoledi” is originated by one text written by the authors of Sommacco, an aperitivo bio created by Marcovaldo and the drawings realized live by the artists, invited by KSAT.


William a donc relevé le défi de mettre ses lignes en résonance avec celle du récit de Francesca. Vous pourrez bientôt admirer le résultat de cette soirée sur ksat.fr.

En attendant, allez découvrir les lignes répétitives de William James Thurman à la galerie parisCONCRET.


William took up the challenge to makes his lines communicate with the ones of Francesca’s story. The results of this “Marcoledi” night will be available soon on ksat.fr. Meanwhile, you can discover the repetitive lines of William James Thurman at the gallery parisCONCRET.


Line upon Line

Vernissage, le samedi 25 mai, de 17h à 20h.

Jusqu’au samedi 15 juin

Galerie parisCONCRET

5 rue des Immeubles Industriels 75011 Paris




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