Artists: Matthias Reinhold & Matthias Kranebitter

Check out the work of Matthias Reinhold. Here is his cool website:

An interactive play will lead you through his projects.

Matthias took part at KSAT#4 « Musical Issue », where he collaborated with the musician Matthias Kranebitter. Visual artist were asked to translate into images their imaginery got through songs of a given musician. Ans vice versa.
Here below you can find the result of this exchange.
Matthias Kranebitter’s scores edited by Magnus Caverius:
Matthias Reinhold’s pictures inspired by Matthias Kranebitter’s song:
To get to know better the work of composer Matthias Kranebitter:

KSAT#5 Party – by Mia Frykholm

Performance de Pan et A2 dans la Chapelle du café A lors du lancement de KSAT n°5 à Paris

Performance of Pan and A2 in the Chapel of the café A at the KSAT #5 release Party in Paris

Performance de jaune! et Tristan Ihne lors du lancement de KSATn°5 dans la Chapelle du café A à Paris

Performance of jaune! and Tristan Ihne at the KSAT release party n°5 in the Chapel of the café A in Paris

More Photos coming soon

Plus de photos bientôt