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VIDEO : KSAT#6 Release Party

KSAT#6 – The Secret Issue – Paris, France – 29/06/13 from KSAT KSAT on Vimeo.

Thanks to our friends that helps at the event and particularly to Nada and Jessica that did the catering.
Thanks to our partner http://www.latelelibre.fr that did the video and to the Maison du Portugal and the festival Parfum de Lisbonne.

Thanks to the performers at the event :  Neue Grafik  – Alice and Adrien Martins, Jean Thévenin, Dana Muskat – Ksenia Lukyanova – Gustav Lejelind -  Kirikoo Des / Raphaël Stora / Ndoho – Jonathan Foussadier -  Cécile Chaput .



Ksénia rehearsal


Yesterday was a nice working day for KSAT Team and some artists. We arrived to the Maison du Portugal in the early afternoon and begin to install some of the amazing works you’ll have the chance to see starting from this weekend. Save the date and be there : June 29th starting from 4 pm till 2 am > KSAT The Secret Issue Release Party + Exhibition!

Here below some pictures of Pétronille Leroux, working on her QRcode space installation (made in collaboration with Théo Josserand); the secret installation material needed for Mike Latona & Olivier de Rop installation (a blast!) and Ksénia Lukyanova doing reharsal for her performance and monologue (scheduled for 6.30 pm on Saturday!)

Stay tuned ! More news to come!



[vimeo width="600" height="365" video_id="68366578"]

On June 29th, 2013, KSAT’s artists will come together for KSAT « The Secret Issue » release event. From December 2012 to April 2013 the artists worked on the theme of secret in aim to give their own interpretation to this fascinating topic. The results of these researches will be collected in a limited edition publication that will be sell in occasion of the release event. On the lenght of one day the Maison du Portugal (Cité Universitaire) in Paris will be invaded by art, performances, installations, exhibitions and live music. See you there!

The exhibition will run from June 29th to July 14th!
More info about the program soon online on ksat.fr


Confirmed artists:

Soufiane Ababri
Autumn Ahn
Cécile Chaput
Kazuma Eekman
Holly Featherstone
Martina Ferrera
Alice Forge
Jonathan Foussadier
Nada Diane Fridi
Sue van Geijn
Tamah Grinski
Hélène Gruenais
Kota Hirikoshi
Seewon Jung
Karine Kraemer
Nicole Kiersz
Marilou Klapwijk
Mike Latona
Gustav Lejelind
Pétronille Leroux
Ksenia Lukyanova
Martina Margini
Alice et Adrien Martins
Dana Muskat
Neue Grafik
Ryan Peltier
Yasmine Tashk
Jean Thevenin
William James Thurman
Yasmin Yrondi

(more to come!)


BACKSTAGE: Kazuma and the noodle soup

Our friend Kazuma Eekman is currently in Japan for a school exchange at Zokei University. He’s originary from Rotterdam and previously participated at KSAT#3 « Mind Trips » and KSAT#5 « Visions of the future » with his really cool illustrations. He decided to keep collaborating with KSAT from Asia too. He sent us a little glimpse of his latest work, that you can check here below. His arworks and the ones of Horikoshi Kota are now on their way to Europe to be exposed on the next KSAT#6 launch exhibition at the Maison du Portugal in Paris. We love his work and we suggest you to come on June 29th to see its piece and to discover lots of other interesting artists!


Some pictures from Kazuma’s Japan Atelier and his work in progress for KSAT

VIDEO : KSAT CAMP #1 – Les murs murmurent // Speaking walls

KSAT CAMP #1 – Les murs murmurent // Speaking walls from KSAT KSAT on Vimeo.

L’hiver dernier a eu lieu notre premier happening éphémère de la saison sur le thème du « Secret ».

Les convives étaient invités à se présenter à une heure bien précise. Quatre groupes d’une trentaine de personnes étaient conviés à un intervalle d’une heure et demi à participer à ce moment hors du commun.

Rendez vous était donné devant une entrée d’un immeuble de l’autre côté de la rue. Soudain, la performeuse Alice Martins apparaît à la fenêtre illuminée de la maison, au cœur de la nuit sombre, cette jeune femme vêtue d’une mince robe blanche court à la rencontre du public.

Intrigué, le public la suit à travers une maison vide et habitée de plastique, comme abandonnée ou en état de latence où les artistes ont envahis les murs de ces lieux par des installations éphémères. Les murs murmurent et racontent leurs histoires à qui prête attention.

La performance s’achève dans la pièce de cérémonie où la maitresse de maison tourbillonne alors qu’elle tente de s’enfuir par ce mur qui représente cet extérieur, ce monde inaccessible.


Last winter we were pleased to welcome some of you to our first new ephemeral happening of the « Secret » cycle.

The audience was invited to come over at a precise hour. 4 groups of about 30 people were invited with a time lapse of one hour and a half to participate to this memorable and unusual happening.

The meeting point was in front of a building on the other side of the street. Suddenly, the performer Alice Martins appeared at the illuminated window of the house, in the dark heart of the night, this young woman dressed up with a thin white dress runs towards the public.

Intrigues, the public follows her through an empty house that’s covered with platic, as if it was abandonned or waiting for something to happen where the artists invaded the walls with ephemeral installations. The walls speak and tell their stories to those who want to hear.

The performance ends in the ceremonial room where the host swirl at the same time as she’s trying to escape through the wall that represent the outside, this unreachable world.

Le cycle KSAT sur les Secrets s’achève à la fin du mois de juin avec une exposition à La Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia et la présentation de la publication. Nous vous y attendons.

KSAT « Secret » cycle ends up at the end of June with an exhibition at the Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia and the presentation of the publication. We’ll be waiting for you.

Autumn chilling

Discover KSAT’s launch event location

Last week a bunch of KSAT artists was invited to discover the next summer location for the final launch event. So we made a little trip to the southern part of Paris, precisely to Cité Universitaire, where lost in the mist of green fields and blooming nature we found the Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia, right next to coloured Le Corbousier’s House of Brazil.

We explored the place all way around, from the outside garden, to the bright modern halls, the theater and the underground corridors. This amazing building was born in 1967 and has been recently renovated by the portuguese architect Vincent Parreira in 2003.

Here are some picture of our sunday visit!

We’re working on the event to make it a great experience for you all! So save the date and don’t miss it!

29-30th June at Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia, Cité Universitaire in Paris!