Malmö's backstages

Malmö’s backstage

We're in Malmö!!!

Malmö’s set up

Preparing for KSAT – Sweden

Preparing for KSAT – Sweden

Time has come for part three of the Rebellion issue. With the sub-theme ‘Mental Disorder’,  KSAT is arrannged for the first time in Sweden, in Malmö.

In Malmö a collaborative installation will take place under the name ‘Atlas of the least obvious’

1 Week to go and here are the artists participating:
Carl Larsson, Carolin Hansson, Cisse Bomholt, Elisabeth Gellein, Erik Lagerwall, Erika Östman, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Magnus Caverius, Margrete Bjone Engelien, Mia Frykholm, Nawel Oulad, Oscar Glemme, Thibault Pomares, Yasmine Tashk 

See Facebook event

We’re looking forward to some amazing days out on the field. Please come join us!

Love from Team KSAT-Sweden; Mia, Magnus, Carl

Release party and exhibition - Rebellion with no cause - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A rebellion with no cause – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Great memories for our Rotterdam event last winter. International artists meeting to brainstorm and exhibit their work around the theme « A rebellion with no cause »



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Artist’s Portrait : Yasmine Tashk

Yasmine and me met quite a while ago because of some strange astral connections.
She’s a natural born illustrator and art flood in her veins although her scientific studies.
Thanks to Thibault’s help, we will discover the place where she works on her new projects, as well as some past experimentations with animation and comics. Here is my partner in crime, Yasmine. Enjoy.

Go to Yasmine’s blog and know more about her!


Workshop day 1 : Rebellion in the youth

Time to find our way through the streets of Rotterdam. Surprisingly the weather is fantastic.

We arrive at Post Office super enthusiastic to get to work and start brainstorming ideas


Discussing our potential connection with the neighborhood we are in.

Interesting discussions and exchange.


Sylvan presents some of his ideas regarding his project Playful Revolution

Time to play !

Screening of La Haine

 Late brainstorming session

Time to go home and to experience dutch tall bikes.



2013-09-19 12.13.48

VIDEO : KSAT#6 Release Party

KSAT#6 – The Secret Issue – Paris, France – 29/06/13 from KSAT KSAT on Vimeo.

Thanks to our friends that helps at the event and particularly to Nada and Jessica that did the catering.
Thanks to our partner that did the video and to the Maison du Portugal and the festival Parfum de Lisbonne.

Thanks to the performers at the event :  Neue Grafik  – Alice and Adrien Martins, Jean Thévenin, Dana Muskat – Ksenia Lukyanova – Gustav Lejelind -  Kirikoo Des / Raphaël Stora / Ndoho – Jonathan Foussadier -  Cécile Chaput .



Photo : Sylvain Raybaud

KSAT CAMP#2 – Identité Secrète // Secret Identity

Le 19 Janvier dernier, KSAT a présenté son deuxième KSAT CAMP.

L’accent était porté sur l’identité secrète. La jeune fille habitant les murs de la maison du KSAT CAMP#1 en se promenant parmi des projections du passé réapparaît comme une ombre lors de cet événement.

Le lieu, gardé secret jusqu’à la veille de l’événement, a contribué a accentuer l’aspect magique de l’expérience du public.

La Petite Rockette est un espace/atelier où les objets oubliés, abandonnés ou obsolètes ont l’occasion d’avoir une nouvelle vie.

On remercie encore tous les artistes qui ont collaboré et participé activement à la réussite de l’événement, le personnel de la Petite Rockette qui nous a fait  confiance, supportés et aidés pendant le réalisation du projet! Un grand MERCI enfin à toutes les personnes présentés!!


On January 19th 2013, KSAT presented its 2nd KSAT CAMP.

We focus on secret identity. The young girl that inhabitated the walls of the house of the KSAT CAMP#1 reappears by walking around the different screenings from the past like a shadow during this event.

The location, kept secret until the day before the event, helped to make the public’s experience even more magic.

La Petite Rockette is a working place/studio where forgotten, abandoned and obsolete objects have the possibility to gain back a new life.

We could never thank enough all the artists who collaborated and directly helped out in the realization and success of the event, as well as La Petite Rockette’s staff who trusted us, supported us and helped us on technical issues. A bigger thank you to all the people who participated!!